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Approved by client – pending – AMV BBDO

Insight There are towns and cities all over the world with British names (a strange legacy of colonialism).

Idea Seize the Namesake – encourage people to trade the mundane for the exotic and fly out to the namesake of their town or city.





To launch Seize the Namesake we target people on the Monday morning commute.

We plant Virgin Holiday deals as tickets on the reserved seats of trains.

We secretly film unsuspecting commuters when they find these deals in their name, accompanied with clear instructions:

Your flight leaves in five hours. It’s all expenses paid. Will you continue your workday in Kingston…or seize your holiday in Kingston?


Extended list (yes, these are all real)

Kingston, Jamaica – Manchester, Bolivia – Somerset, Bermuda – Liverpool, Costa Rica – Preston, Sri Lanka – Vauxhall, Barbados – Birmingham, Alabama – Newcastle, California – Dover, New Jersey – Surrey, Jamaica – Plymouth, Trinidad and Tobago – Everton, South Africa – Hastings, Barbados – Croydon, Australia – Essex, Canada